The What, Why, and How on being
FUNARI Performance Brand Ambassador

FUNARI Performance is seeking Brand Ambassadors to wear various types of our clothing in order to show the
versatile nature of the collection. Each Brand Ambassador will be required to share
their experience with our clothing via Social Media in "real life" settings.

Are you a Dancer, Gymnast, Fitness Enthusiast, Instructor, Trainer, or Runner?
We'd love for you to test out one of our products.

Brand Ambassadors are chosen based on their active lifestyle and ability to successfully engage their audience and share the FUNARI Performance line. Whether you are wearing your chosen piece at the gym, grocery shopping, or out for the evening (Hello Johanna Pant in Cobra ), we want you to show the versatility of the FUNARI Performance piece you own.

You'll be asked to share your photos on Social Media, Blog (if you have one) and always use the Hashtags provided. We want to know how your feel about your chosen piece. Brand Ambassadors will change every 3 months and you may apply ONLY ONCE in a 12 month period. We want you to be happy and encourage you to reach out to us regarding your FUNARI Performance Apparel at any time.

Once chosen as a FUNARI Brand Ambassador, you will be able to choose from one of the following products:
Johanna Legging - Colors: Reflective, Pink Passion, Cobra - Sizes XS, S, M L
Melissa Short - Colors: Reflective, Pink Passion - Sizes XS, S, M L
Ashley Tank Bra - Colors: Pink Passion, Cobra - Sizes XS, S, M L